App Crashes

Customers have contacted me saying that the latest app crashed immediately on launch. The app did not even finished loading.

I've come across several news regarding crashing apps. Apparently, app updates on the past few days are having the same problem. Possible cause is the corrupt binaries relating to iTunes FairPlay DRM.
Based on TechCrunch article, Apple is already aware of the problem and is working on a fix.
"According to our developer sources, Apple has now responded to numerous complaints in its Developer Forums with a brief statement posted by username “iTunesConnect.”
The statement reads:
“We are aware of the issue related to apps crashing after update. We are currently working on resolving the issue. Stay tuned for updates.”
Apple has also reached out to developers via email, again responding to the issue with a fairly generic statement:
If a customer reports receiving an error when downloading your app from the App Store, he or she can receive direct help from the iTunes Store Customer Support team:
If the iTunes Store Customer Support team determines that the issue lies with your app and not with the App Store or the customer’s account, Apple will contact you to resolve this issue.
Please let us know if you need additional assistance regarding your app.
The email also included a phone number to call, and, according to a developer who was able to reach a support representative, Apple informed him that it is aware of the problem and now has a dedicated team looking into it. This new team will be sending out additional information to developers via email shortly, this person was told."
As of 7:00 am of July 6, I've re-installed the app in 2 devices and the app did not crashed. For the affected customers, please delete the app and re-install it. If the problem still persists, please inform me.